Gyeonggi University of Game University, the world in the game that became a reality


The Gyeonggi Content Agency (Director Min Settee, hereinafter referred to as Kyungconjin) will release video contents on the YouTube channel that examines the social influence of the game. Kyungconjin examines the game that affects career, education, industry, future, and culture, starting with the theme of 'medical'. Starting with the first episode, all images can be viewed through the official YouTube channel.

An official from Kyungconjin said, The current game has a positive impact on the future as well as related industries, but it is true that there is still a strong negative image of the game in the home and school, he said. We will deliver the positive aspects and information of the game through the topic.

The 'Gate University' series was produced by Jean Okay PD with PD Lee Seung-yong and Lee Hamsun. Jean Okay PD also wrote a book 'Children Study with Games'. The book was selected as an excellent Sejong Book.

The second theme is the world of games in the game, focusing on VR. VR (Virtual Reality) means that in the virtual space built using a computer, it is made to make it feel reality through the senses and interactions of human beings such as hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

Gate University introduces the development direction of the game as display technology. The video is from the beginning of VR technology to future prospects.


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