[Interview] Why Game Meister High Principal is playing a catch ball with a student


I heard the sound of knocking on the door.

Come on in

A student opened the door and pushed his head.

Principal, can't we do our baseball?

Yes? Do you know how to play baseball? Then let's go out

It's not just my story that has been over a few years. Also, unless I was called when I had an accident, I didn't go to the school office. How much an accident did you have? This is not just a recall of the old man. Even today, the principal's office is a difficult place for ordinary students to approach.

But the principal and the student who came to the student who came to see. It is a very hard story without asking. Principal Chung Look-see smiled and said.

Looking at the throwing form, I could throw it less painfully if I fixed my posture.

Principal Chung heard that there were children interested in baseball and watched the gloves in their hands. It was torn on an affordable product. I thought I could teach baseball properly.

Along with the sports teacher, I also ordered a glove at the right price on the Internet. Catcher meat, first baseman glove like this. One was properly managed, and he was able to throw the ball by teaching how to manage himself. Then he scored a smartphone and laughed at the glove picture he ordered.

It's a story about a youth drama, but this is the story of Gyeonggi Game Master High School.

Education and communication

The image of Master Go, who is in charge of professional vocational education, was repeatedly learning only education in that field. But in the philosophy of the educational philosophy of Chung, that part was never thought of.

Of course, it may be nothing to do with the goal of the school itself. But it is very emotionally good for children to grow.

In fact, Gyeonggi Game Master Go is creating an environment where children can have various activities. Recently, when the Master Go Festival was held, the performance showed a musical made of homemade bands and songs. I recorded and made a video in the studio. It is storytelling that comes from that.

Children also curate their own bookshelves. It is based on the topics such as books related to our famous history or famous games. Then, children curate the recommended books, study and find new books.

In addition to the catch balls described, there are bands in the school, badminton, tennis, and other sports. Children who have to sit and work a lot of fill their activities with these activities.

It is a story about experience and humanistic understanding.

Cellist Gang Hanna, who was considered a young Korean talent, was from Julia's preliminary school and received a lot of music. But she did not go to the music school. She entered Harvard and went to philosophy. In order to become a great music, there was an invitation to study about humanities classics, not just technology.

Whether you are a PD or a director. Whether the major field is planned or a program, the Principal also believes that the humanities and the eyes looking at the world will be a higher person. That appears in his education.

Game developer, student

Principal Chung says he is a public official. He is also at the Game Developer Association and has taught him as a professor at the university, but he made a game. He became the principal of four years. And I was in the third year of this year.

There is also an eye on how efficiently he is in charge of the school.

The performance was good. It is impossible to find employment until you graduate from school, so there is a hiring contract-type on-site training program that internships until graduation on the premise of employment. The employment rate can be higher as students have not yet graduated. General specialized high schools are around 30%.

He won 13 to 4 awards at the main game awards ceremony. The score is about 180 points. It is 200 points, but 180 points can go to a famous university.

Since we are performing every year, interest in schools and understanding are increasing. Last year, if the recruitment was completed three days during the four-day recruitment period, this year was full of support capacity on the first day of the recruitment.

Some third-graders are students who want to play e-sports players, and some children have dreamed of developing games, but this year, students entered the school with a clear goal of game development.

The purpose is clear, so motivation is good. In many game competitions, such as game jam, many students and developers gather, students can compete with each other. Principal Chung borrowed a review of an expert and said, 'It shows that students are like a college.'

The key part of school teaching is mainly programming. For students with programmers, or for students with planned competencies, they can reinforce the contents of education.

But not all students follow this education and compete. I also thought about Plan B for these children. Children who are having difficulty developing games have taken the ISTQB test, an international software testing qualification. If you have this certificate, you can enter any companies QA.

Of course, until the second grade, we do our best to educate the contents of the development, but we will prepare for this certification exam by the beginning of the third grade. I studied for about two months and the results were good this year. Usually, I studied for about 3 months, which was more than 90%. Even students who could not pass were only one point and could not pass.

Principal Chung also aimed to find a job by supporting up to about 10 students who are having difficulty in developing games. Of course, there are some children who want to go to college, not to get a job.

Trust, equal

There was a difficulty in catching the current system. The school was opened in 2020, but remote education had to be carried out in the fan-decicated situation. In addition, the predecessor, Gyeonggi Global High School students still attended school. The school was forced to run a school with a two-track student who entered the game with the existing awards, IT, beauty and students.

I didn't want to discriminate existing students. The budget had to be spent only for game development students because of the Master High School.

At first, there was no proper lab, and there was also a space for existing students such as a hair lab. Usually, during the semester, it interferes with the study, so it does not do much construction. However, the situation had to make a good structure and to proceed quickly for juniors. Tear off asbestos.

principal chung said that it was his role as a civil servant to solve such a situation. I persuaded my parents to quickly proceed during the semester. Fortunately, it was possible because of trust and the kids offer enough results.

Challenge and ability

Now, students teach high school skills. And someone is a large game company that knows it, and some students are independent to make independent games.


In some cases, you may find a job at a major company, but this is also difficult. After completing military service or graduating from university. However, Gyeonggi Game Master High School graduates did not go to college or have been to the army.

The requirement of college graduation does not mean simply technical. Rather, he was technically recognized in many places. However, there is no choice but to lack the socialite and experience of attending a company.

Principal Chung tells students to think about getting a job. The purpose of the establishment and taxes of Master Go was the result of anxiety to make the game development ecosystem more stable. And it is necessary for you to return it to the industry of society.

If you enter a major company, you don't go to the company all your life, and you can build a startup ecosystem with your hands and feet. New companies also work together in large companies, so if you work together, you can learn and learn directly to work.

Game companies do not do anything else because they have different education. Rather than discrimination of conservatives, there is a reward for performance, and sits in the same space and does the same conditions.

Talking about it was possible to believe in the students' abilities. Even though the beginning is different, you can all go to a large company and say that the ability is enough.

Budget, support, difficulty

Gyeonggi Game Master Go is a public institution. Many of the schools are operated with some budgets supported by An yang City and the budget of the Ministry of Culture. The budget was set for three years by the sunset law. However, the budget supported by the Ministry of Culture and Culture has been reduced, and the budget has disappeared nearly 2 billion from last year.

The most worrying part of the budget cut is the problem of students who managed to manage late.

General schools provide necessary education until school, and teachers leave work. Gyeonggi Game Master High School has a dormitory and teachers manage their children late. For these children, after-school programs were carried out by government support, and they took good teachers to teach them.

If the budget decreases, the education turns into a beneficiary burden. Children who can afford economic can continue to be educated, but children who do not know may have to study alone in school. So I wanted to build a facility or infrastructure early.

Those who work in the field or prepare for a relocation for a while take charge of the semester as a teacher.


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