Jensen Acckles, Soldier Boy in The Boys, reveals what famous Marvel character w he about to be


Jensen Tackles, the actor who plays the Antihero Soldier Boy in the First Video The Boys series and who h dedicated a good part of his career to the supernatural series one of its protagonists-from 2005 to 2020-, h revealed in a recent interview which w very close to interpreting a very famous character from Marvel. He h revealed it in the SPNPHX J2 event, where he h explained that he almost plays Deadpool on his day, a character who finally fell into the hands of Ryan Reynolds.

Jensen Tackles (Soldier Boy) w almost Deadpool

Thus, Jensen Tackles himself h recently revealed that he almost played Deadpool in the cinema, but finally did not give the opportunity: I had a very good shot, and it is a movie that I really like a lot. What w the character? Deadpool. It w probably a good thing, because my ex-boy w there and that would probably have been uncomfortable, so it probably worked better. I think the whole ct w incredible. Maybe he would have spoiled it for many people if he had been part of him, so it is probably better not to. But that would have been great, Ackles said.

Of course, Tackles most likely refers to the Deadpool of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which a very controversial Deadpool w presented with Ryan Reynolds, since the first film of the mercenary bonanz already a solo character w a very personal bet of the Own Ryan Reynolds, to the point of charging that first Deadpool in the fun scene of Deadpool 2. If so, better that Tackles save it would be interpreted to that horrible Deadpool original.

We can see Jensen Tackles again Soldier Boy in the next seon of The Boys, while in the next of Deadpool we will see the Mercenary Bonanz sharing adventures with Hugh Jackman's wolverine, already part of the UCM.


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