LOL - Worlds 2022: Faker's consistency made statistics

The Demon King's career will go down in the history of the League of Legends World Cup. His long career, together with the consistency and level demonstrated in the invoked's crack, make faker a unique and practically unrepeatable player. This weekend he will fight for his fourth cup of the invoked with which he would put a spectacular gold brooch at all these years in which he has not achieved this task.

From those iconic tears after falling 3-0 against Samsung in the final of 2017, many events have passed, such as running without participating in the event on more than one occasion, or staying at the gates of being at a better one of five to lift The Worlds after Fall against G2 Esports in 2019 and Damon Kia in 2021.


If you add every time Faker has reached the final, no rival surpasses him reaching semis

Just counting the five presences in the Faker World Final, South Korean surpasses the rest of the players who have reached the semifinals . Many of them have achieved four participation, but none arrives at five. This Reddit post has gone viral, and have tried to look for players to achieve this figure.

In this list we find various players, several ex-partners such as Benji, Bang or Wolf, and others also of the LCK such as Ruler . Among the Europeans, we highlight Janos , who had achieved until this edition to the semifinals in their four participation . Caps and Perez follow the wake with three presences each.

In addition to this debate, the famous first season also appeared, whether it counts or not, because the Asian teams did not participate in the tournament. SOAP was present in that first season and was also the protagonist with origin, and later with FANATIC of several glory afternoons for the European region in Worlds.



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