NCsoft aims at Global, the next works are ‘No Lineage Likes’

NC soft, one of the largest domestic game companies, has been based on the mobile MMORPG title centered on Lineage IP. In the third quarter of this year, operating profit rose 50% from the same period last year, based on Lineage W performance. However, it has been pointed out that it is concentrated on MMORPG, which is represented by Lineage, at the center of domestic demand.

NC soft's next work is focusing on overcoming its limitations. At the center is a game and services that appeal to new works with different gameability from existing Lineage, especially the West.

NC soft revealed the main direction of its new work through the 3Q performance presentation conference call held on the 11th. There are three main games mentioned this time. PC and console MMORPG new TL, which announced the launch in the first half of next year, is a project G, which is being prepared for the new Shooting LLL and AAA mobile game.

The most talked about this is TL, the closest time to launch. NC soft's emphasis on TL is that it has a different game and BM than its existing MMORPG, which is represented by Lineage. In this conference call, a question was confirmed that BM was confirmed to be similar to the existing title, such as PVP-oriented play, transformation, magic doll, and Ain Ha sad.

NC soft Hong non-Jew, CFO, stressed that both game performance and BM are different from the previous 1. First, BM said, Otherwise, there will be a place to announce it soon. If you go the same as before, you will only follow what you have done in the US market. In addition, Hong CFO explained, In relation to BM, it is not specificity of MMORPGs in Korea and some Asian regions, but rather universality. Therefore, the initial sales concentration will be lower than before, but we expect to generate stable sales in the long run. did.

Subsequently, the game was shown on the in-house test (testing the server load, etc.), so it is mainly shown on PVP, and it is not delivered properly, but EVE content is also enhanced. The action is also very different. I think there may be growth for the genre itself when narratives and actions are added to high-quality RPGs.


In addition, as previously announced, TL Global Publishing is currently being negotiated with a partner, and a partner will be announced soon. Hong CFO said, We have worked with a very good global partner. It is difficult to disclose the company, but we will announce it soon, and I think investors and shareholders will be satisfied. He also added that he is receiving a request for collaboration from several global companies.

This direction also continues to other new titles, LLL and Project G. First, the LLL is a new shooting genre that is lively. Lee Jungkook, head of NC soft, said, Many companies are developing new shooting, and shooting genres are large and popular in both consoles and PCs. I think this will be. In addition, the video released on the 14th is not a cinematic trailer, but an in-game video, especially if you pay attention to the back of the video.

Lastly, project G explained that it is not MMORPG, but it is a large genre in the mobile global market. Lee Jungkook, head of IR, explained, Like the LLL, it is a game that reflects NC's strengths, and if the strength is operated properly, it is expected to produce more than expected results.

As such, NC soft is trying to expand its area from domestic, mobile and MMORPG to multi-platforms including global and console, and non-MMORPGs. Hong non-Jew, CFO, explained that the internal workforce structure is live (existing work) and non-live (new) of the total workforce. The new development is similar to MMO and non-MMO.

However, NC soft does not take hands from the new MMORPG. The new title Ion 2 is a new PC and mobile MMORPG, which is being developed with Unreal 5. Lee Jungkook, head of IR, said, Ion 2 is also aiming to launch the world simultaneously. 10 years ago, Ion achieved more than 100 billion won in sales in North America and Europe, and recently, MMORPGs in North America and Europe have imagined MMORPGs in North America and Europe. It is growing beyond the transcendence, and every time the new work comes out, PCUS are increasing. MMORPG is still a competitive title in the market.

In other words, NC soft's future strategy is to showcase a new work that will stand out in the West, which has been weak based on the know-how accumulated in MMORPG, which has produced remarkable results. Lee Jungkook, head of IR, said, There are some cases like Won shin, but it will be important to generate sales with multiplayer elements and live services in RPGs and adventure games. Ion 2 is also being developed in line with this market environment change..


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