Released on November 15 for Steam for the Chugoku Street Sim Touhou: Hirano Konen Steam. A scenic ancient urban development that overcomes famine and pioneers land

Developer and Publisher Season Games (Nishiyamai Co., Ltd.) announced on November 2 that the ancient Chinese urban construction sim will be released on November 15 for Steam. For the Epic Games store, it is scheduled to be released after the start of STEAM.

Thou: Piano One is an urban construction simulation game set in ancient China. As a secretary of Kong Prefecture, the player will take a strategy to create a city. They develop the economy with the town residents and tactics, expand land, and build a richer life. While paying attention to the happiness of the inhabitants, there are also issues such as gathering resources and human resources, achieving their goals, and passing the examination of the judge.

It is difficult to expand the city. Around Kong Prefecture, various landscapes from Kawasaki to the desert spread, and each land has different resource characteristics. Some lands are rich in minerals and lack of food, land with a lack of population in fertile, and lands with large amounts of refugees. It would be better to prepare resources and gold coins firmly and challenge land expansion. Measures against disasters such as pests and famines are also important.

The help of the urban expansion can help them. Each of the tactics has its own skills and exerts power to manage the town. However, at the same time, it seems that other prefectures are also planning to pull out excellent tactics. It is also necessary to judge whether to raise and stop your best tactician or let go.

This work has been repeated multiple play tests since the announcement in March 2022. Although it was a little late since the summer of 2022, which was originally scheduled to be released, the release date was decided safely. In this release, in addition to the contents of the play test, there are many more contents. The exterior and functions are more than imagined buildings, Memories, posts, which increase resources, battles, and stories that know the past hidden in this land.

Season Games, which is developing this work, is a company under the umbrella under the Chinese software maker, King soft Corporation Limited. He has many game development track record, focusing on titles in China. For Japan, he operated a smartphone shooting RPG Girl Café Gun (currently the service ends). For the company, this is the first title for Steam.

Touhou Thou: Piano One will be released on November 15 for PC (Steam). It will be released at a later date for the Epic Games store. According to the Steam store page and the official Twitter account for Japan, this work is compatible with play in Japanese.


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