The second girl front, 'Neural Cloud' released on November 23rd

HOOPLA's publishing subculture style like strategic mobile game Neural Cloud confirmed its official release date on November 23rd.

Neural Cloud is the next film of the girl front launched in Korea in 2017. It is a game produced by the main network that developed the existing girl front and a prequel work about the story of the girl front four years ago. It contains the past stories and worldviews of the girl front tactical dolls, and users will work as a professor to help Persia. Synchronize consciousness in the closed cloud, inherit the project director ID and authority, enter the Madrasa server, deal with the vaccine program 'purge', and rescue the mind maps of the dolls experimenting in the sector and return to reality. It is a setting to fulfill.


Neural Cloud's pre-booking has been launched on July 28. If up to 2 million reservations are achieved, various compensation will be paid, including high-quality breakthrough widgets including Willow, standard breakthrough widgets, advanced search commands, and Dogecoin.

Publisher, Hoopla, is the next film of the girl front, which many fans are looking forward to, and they have been doing their best to play high quality games in a pleasant environment. More information related to the new 'Neural Cloud', which can be experienced at once, can be found in the official community.


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