Why is the barbaric horror movie called barbarian? Explained

Apparently from nothing, Zach Trigger's horror thriller who keeps you on the edge of your seat has landed in transmission services worldwide and even continues with his presentations in cinemas also in some markets. If you have arrived here, you are likely to ask yourself: Why is the barbaric horror movie called barbarian? ? With that in mind, then, let's get to work.

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Why is the barbarian called barbarian? Explained

Interestingly, by the time the credits appear, many people will wonder why the headline did not appear in the film. Don't worry, you're not al1. The truth is that the writer and director of the film has recorded and said he chose the name in large part because it sounds creepy.

However, what is fascinating is that there are several meanings that you can extrapolate from the title of the exciting attraction of 102 minutes. First, the Airbnb in which horror takes place is 476 Barbary, which is also the year in which Rome fell to the barbarians. Chilling coincidence, right?

Another unforeseen meaning behind the title that Zach Trigger only listened to after filming the image is that barbarian is an anagram of Airbnb, which is obviously where most of the film takes place. shaking chills

However, another more symbolic interpretation of why the film is titled the way it is located can be in the different characters that understand Barbara. You will see, the horror movie has to do with subverting expectations, playing with narrative tropes and keeping viewers constantly alert.

Initially, Keith of Bill Starboard judo Be the potential monster, and the film manages to convince yourself that you believe it. However, Keith is actually a good guy and ends up being the first victim of the creature known as the mother. In a quite fascinating way, one would think that the mother is the real monster within Barbarian, and in a way it is, but surprisingly she is actually a rather empathetic character that was caught and raised by the true monster: Frank.

In fact, as the film develops, you soon realize that the real monster in the heart of the film is the rapist and series kidnapper that spends his days kidnapping women and filming their victims in their basement. In summary, your expectations of what a monster is subverts and removed the carpet under you. And this is where we began to reach the potential response behind the title of the film.

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Shortly after Frank's revelation, another character is presented in the third act called AJ Gil bride (played by Justin Long), who is an actor of situation comedy who has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior: supposedly, he violated a colleague at a party. Interestingly, AJ is a very charming character and, at first glance, it is difficult to believe that his character would do such a thing. As the story progresses, and we learn more about AJ, it is fair to say that its first initial impressions were incorrect: AJ is also a predatory monster.


At a really intriguing moment at the end of Barbarian, both AJ and Frank are and is at this point where we see a kind of mirror image of the two. Of course, AJ is not yet at the same monstrous level in which Frank has become, but there is definitely a juxtaposition of the two characters, and this is where another meaning of the movie title can be deduced.

While AJ stares at the prostrated monstrosity on the bed that is Frank, and while AJ looks at the ranks and rows of videotapes full of rapes and torture, AJ realizes that this man in front of him (Frank) could have done so easily. Been the (AJ). In many ways, Frank and AJ are the two sides of the same horrible currency, but the difference is that AJ operates more within the limits of social norms and conventions. For that reason, if AJ had let his wild wishes be released and released his inner barbarian, then AJ could be the one who sit in bed instead of Frank.

There you have it. Hopefully, this has helped respond to his consultation: Why is the barbaric horror movie called barbarian? ? For more information about the film, check out our official review. Alternatively, feel free to navigate the relevant links below.

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