Will Tokyo Revengers end badly? Dispute explained

Given how popular the Tokyo Revenges manga series, he would not be blamed for thinking that generalized attention around his conclusion would be justified. However, in a small turn, a good amount of attention around its conclusion has focused on the negative opinions on how the series ends and the impact that this has on the largest series. However, this raises the question: Do Tokyo's avengers end badly? Or is it an example of a vocal minority making a scandal?

After investigating the matter, we have some answers for you.

Does the Tokyo Revenges manga end bad? Explained

The short answer is that yes, the end of the Tokyo Revenges series is defective.

In addition to being hurried and anti-annual, the end of the series also serves as an escape for everything else that happened throughout the rest of the story. Everything gets rid of the sudden introduction of a McMuffin, and each character and the development they undertook throughout the rest of the story is erased to accelerate towards an inexplicable happy ending.

The reason for this sudden race towards the finish line is unknown. It is unlikely that the series ran the risk of being canceled, since it was still one of the best-selling manga series of all time when it was finishing. Likewise, the author of the series, Wazoo Ken, did not make public ads or mentions of problems with the publication of the series, either due to stress or other factors related to health.

Regardless, the final result is that the series ends with a fairly unfortunate note, ending things in a way that is not up to the rest of the series.

What went wrong with the final arch of Tokyo Revenges?

However, when one looks at Tokyo Revenges as a whole, there were signs that the series was losing ground quickly.

The first and most obvious problem is that the final arch of the series never managed to reach the same heights that he achieved with his penultimate arch. In the penultimate arch, the most prominent antagonist of the series, Khaki Etta, was finally defeated and concluded the central conflict of the rest of the story. This resulted in almost all his characters to achieve some kind of conclusion for their characters arches, except Mikey and some other characters who had not given much attention to this point.

As a result, the final arch introduced several new characters and conflicts, all of which would have to be covered and wrapped by the conclusion of the arch. Although they had a decent amount of narrative weight and importance, these new stories and characters could not build the same type of history as that elaborated in several arches and in the course of several years.

This also touches another central theme: the final arc of Tokyo Revenges is very hurried compared to the rest of the series. While other arches took much more time to present the background stories of the characters and show their possible conflicts with each other, several sections of the final arc of Tokyo Revenges see characters background stories, flashbacks and main points of the plot covered in one or two chapters. This leads to some very messy deliveries of important revelations and arches of less shocking characters in general.

Finally, there is the question of new additions into the world of history and tradition in the final arch. In addition to several reviews made in history to allow the introduction of new characters, the central concept of the time travel skills of the protagonist Takemichi becomes much more a Paraffin. These skills begin to function in any way that the author needs them, which results in a careless writing and a loss of bets for everything the characters do.

Will there be a reviewed end for Tokyo Revenges?

As for whether something will be done to review the hard final of Tokyo Revenges, most signals point out not.

While there were rumors that Wazoo would launch new chapters to expand the conclusion, those rumors turned out to be false. No other mention of such a plan has been made since then, and it is certain to say that Wazoo will probably move to a different project not related to Tokyo Revenges.

With luck, this was clarified whether the end of Tokyo Revenges is bad or not. To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many characteristics related to anime in general, including lists of anime characters plus OP, the best anime antagonists and the best anime sensing.


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