After Several Months, The PUBG: Battlegrounds Arrives At Another Digital Store

After several months of waiting, one of the most popular games on the market arrives at a new platform, PUBG: Battlegrounds announces their arrival at the Epic Store where players can have the possibility to download the game for free to enjoy it in everything His splendor where the Lew winner Chicken Dinner will be the main objective of each contest. The arrival of PUBG: Battlegrounds to Epic joins the search for Grafton to further improve the experience and comfort of its players.


Those who play through Epic Games Store now have access to identical services to those found in Steam and, of course, players on both platforms can play together through Crossly.

From Early Access to Free-to-Play, PUBG: Battlegrounds has always encouraged all kinds of players with various game history to try luck in the iconic Winner Chicken Dinner, either on PC or console to demonstrate their best skills in Each of the games that users can play to get their victory armaments. Undoubtedly, important news for fans of this game and for new users who can now enjoy it at the Epic Store, with Christmas events that arrive for these dates where they seek to attract the newest players, the battles in the islands They will be very exciting to be able to enjoy this Battle Royale in all its splendor.


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