Chainsaw Man: Devil Contract Answers

One of the joys of being a demon hunter in Chainsaw Man is to make a contract with a devil, borrowing his powers in exchange for sacrificing parts of the body or vital force. When we met for the first time with the sinister Ghost Devil, he was under the control of Limeño, but now it seems to be serving a new teacher.


So why is Ghost Devil trying to kill Aka in Chainsaw Man? Let's try to unpack this amazing betrayal.

Why did Ghost Devil betray Aka in Chainsaw Man?

Limeño's contract with Ghost Devil originally occurred at the expense of his right eye, which allowed him to convene his spectral hands to fulfill his orders. As powerful as it seems, even this corpulent demon had doubts about entering the fray against the mysterious young woman and her Snake Devil during the ambush with the Yakuza aggressor. It was not until Limeño paid the final price, offering his entire body in an effort to protect Aka, who agreed.

Despite this sacrifice, Snake Devil did a quick job with Ghost Devil, decapitating him and defeating him completely. It is good that Limeño was not alive to see how little his death helped. The next time Aka meets the girl who had so easily overcome this triumph letter, he orders Snake Devil to spit on his prey. To his surprise, the ghost devil is now in front of him, and has bad intentions and does not lack weapons to carry out his whims. The ghost devil attacks Aka by order of the girl, and it seems that he has now turned subordinate to her after her previous defeat. Meanwhile, there is no clear sign that the girl has made a new contract, however, demons are completely sensitive beings with her own agendas. Just as Ghost Devil had initially chosen not to fight for fear, he can now do it for the same reason. First, I had no loyalty to AKA or the other members of Special Division 4, and his temperament could be one that attracts him to the teacher who considers more powerful. It is also worth noting that Limeño who offers his entire body to Ghost Devil can have some influence on his actions, since it is not something we have seen to do a devil Hunter previously. We know that demons are created when they have the body of a human guest, and we can speculate if this had similar effects. We may not understand the total reach of why Ghost Devil is trying to kill Aka in Chainsaw Man? But at least we know that he is not here for a hug. While Mr. Topknot manages to save his life, you will want to know if he used the damn sword in this episode and what he sacrificed in his contract with Future Devil. The future rules! And you too, friend. Related Posts Why did Gun Devil men bleed and fell into Chainsaw Man? Explained Why was there eyes on the bag in Chainsaw Man? Answered All chainsaw man's opening and completion songs All demons in Chainsaw Man Aka used the cursed sword (nail) in episode 11 of Chainsaw Man? Answered


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