Crazy Streamer Plays Elden Ring Twice, And Wins

Maynard plays Elden Ring on his stream. He's been playing for a while now, but he's had to take some breaks because of the extreme difficulty of the game. Tonight, however, he decides he's going to play some Elden Ring again. And then, he does something even crazier - he announces that he's going to play through the game again, simultaneously with an Xbox controller and a dance mat.

Elden Ring is a damn heavy video game in itself. Lots of gamers are currently biting their teeth on the very first bosses such as Margin or Rodrick.


Not to point out the hardest opponents in Elden Ring, who make practically everybody misery. The length of time did it take you, for example, till you beat Malaria? Or have you found her at all, it is extremely well hidden and is not an employer that you need to beat in the primary story. A banner has actually now defeated this Malaria and lots of other employers.

Which two times! Now some will think of: Well and, with adequate stamina, it works. We have not yet told you how precisely she did: because it wasn't only she beat the employers on two consoles at the exact same time. No, in addition to a typical controller, she used a dance mat for the 2nd manager fight, as you know from Dance Revolution, for instance. Which is damn excellent!

two times at the very same time and then also with a dance mat

You check out correctly: The streamer Missmikkaa does not appear to be content with merely beating all managers with just one hand without ever dying. Or to perform a similar accomplishment with her feet while having fun with a dance mat at level one. The Swede now also chose to put her Elden Ring skills on the ultimate test by using two Elden Ring ratings (now purchase EUR 39.99/ EUR 53.99) at the same time-and that with a controller on the PlayStation 5 and a dance pad on a PC. And as if that weren't enough, she made life a lot more tough to live in the intermediate: she has to defeat bosses in both video games in the very same effort. Only then does the success count as such. This made sure that there were always extremely tight moments when the employer went to the ground on a screen while Missmikkaa concerned an end on the other. Nonetheless, she has shown a lot of stamina and has now also defeated other employers, such as Rodrick or Margin. And you can picture how difficult it is. Not just is Elden Ring in general an actually difficult video game. If you then have to focus on 2 screens and even use a dance mat for control, this is actually incredibly outstanding. However have a look at it yourself:

Motivation were the Game Awards for Elden Ring

According to the banner, Elden Ring's award was an additional motivation as the Video game of the Year at the Game Awards to try again. So far, the attempt that the game was playing twice at the exact same time and with dance mat was really tough. When she managed to defeat Margin after several hours, she was very pleased. A regular player will certainly be pleased to beat a manager in Elder Sounding with a controller. It is always interesting what some gamers do. Because for such a run as Missmikkaa put it, you need persistence and, above all, a great deal of training! But Elden Ring doesn't always have to be tough. We discovered a technique for you, with which you can easily beat one of the hardest managers in the game. However, in any case: would you trust yourself to pull through the intermediate with a dance mat? Or do you stay classic with keyboard or game pad? Like to compose that in the remarks! To web page Share comments 0 in Twitter Share Post


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