Crisis Core: The Final Fantasy VII Game We All Wanted

Crisis Core finally got rid of the exclusivity of PSP, which frightened many fans of Final Fantasy VII. The game puts you in the role of Oak Area long before the events of the original classic game for PS1. Throughout the trip, you will have to face a number of cult enemies of the franchise, including Exit.


This fiery elemental has been in the game since Final Fantasy III, but if you want to use it in Crisis Core, you first need to defeat it.

Victory over Exit in Crisis Core

First, you will encounter if the final boss of the first chapter. Perhaps he is the first serious combat test in the game.

Exit is a huge physical threat that can also cause damage at a distance using the Fire shot attack. To defeat him, you will need to abuse his spontaneous weaknesses and correctly calculate the time of your attacks. Exit is a fiery enemy, so Blizzard or Dark Blizzard is the most important tool in the fight against it. Throw a blizzard at Exit to inflict additional damage due to its spontaneous weakness and open it for a short time for additional damage. These matters will also brush him in place for a short time, which will make it easy to conduct a powerful combo. Misfit has one special attack called He'll Flame, using which the countdown timer will be displayed. This attack is inevitable, but, by inflicting great damage during the reverse reference, you can soften or negate effects. As soon as the purple indicator appears above his head, use Blizzard or Dark Blizzard, roll up to be behind him, and attack his back to cause critical damage. If you are quick, you can reduce the damage from the attack twice or completely cancel it. Use Fire Armlet against Exit to simplify the battle. You will receive Armlet if you destroy all WU TAI soldiers in the mission immediately before meeting Fit. Having defeated him in the first plot mission, fight him again at any point of preservation in order to unlock him as a call and add this powerful enemy to your arsenal. To find out more about the games of Final Fantasy and the Crisis Core remaster, we recommend that Pro Game Guides recommend what is the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis? Release date, platforms, games and much more. When will Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade appear on Steam? Answered.


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