How To Unlock Megalo Syuto

Megalo South is a secret character in the game Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell. However, in order to unlock the hero’s powerful upgrade, you need to perform a complex achievement of DLC 100,000 enemies.

How to get Megalo South in the game Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell?

Megalo South is unlocked after you to defeat 100,000 enemies with South Unwell to a single race. Since this should be done in one sitting, the best strategy is to turn off the stage reapers, the use of an infinite regime. Now that you do not have a time limit, you will need a powerful assembly to survive long enough to kill 100,000 enemies.

Summon Night starting weapon becomes a deadly attack in combination with Jodie Shuffle Evolution Four Seasons. Weapons with the area of action, such as King Bible and Garlic, is another option that will protect you from the attack of monsters groups. However, one of the best assemblies for this task is the evolution of Pentagram Gorgeous Moon and Mad Groove VIII Arcane. When combining, the precious stones of experience and therapeutic objects will be transferred directly to you through the given intervals of time. This is especially useful after a thirty-minute mark when the screen is so restless that you cannot move. However, before you can get a hidden character, you first need to unlock South Moon spell, performing a number of steps listed below. Step 1: Find and open the coffin on Mount a lunar spell to unlock Ming as a game character. Step 2: Strive for 15 minutes in running with Ming to unlock her weapon of silver wind. Step 3: Turn the silver wind into festive winds, combining it with the maximum passive object of Summary.


This will open Kenya Misspell as a game character. Step 4: Strive for 15 minutes in the race with Kenya Moon spell to unlock his weapon Four Seasons. Step 5: Turn the Four Seasons into Jodie Shuffle, combining it with the maximum number of spinach and Candelabra items. This will unlock South Misspell. Step 6: Kill 100,000 enemies in one pass by playing South Misspell to unlock Megalo South.

How to get an endless mode in Vampire Survivors?

The endless mode is unlocked after receiving the subject of Vampire Survivors Seventh Trumpet DLC for ceremony M. Scene. Having received the item, go to the character screen, playing South Misspell. In the lower part of the menu, mark the endless option and download any card on which you want to play. Now that the reapers are disconnected, you will have an unlimited time to commit 100,000 murders necessary for receiving Megalo South. As soon as you collect the required number of enemies, just leave the scene to automatically unlock the hidden character. Nevertheless, an improved hero can cost more than 200 thousand gold, so you may have to accumulate before you can buy it. Want to know more about Vampire Survivors? If so, find out how to get all the evolution of the weapon Legacy of the Moon spell. In professional game guidelines.


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