Patty Jenkins Responds To 'Wonder Woman 3' Cancelation

The restructuring of the DC cinematographic universe h resulted in the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, news that w made public through a piece of The Hollywood Reporter. James Gun, one of the people chosen by Warner Bros. Discovery to lead this new stage, confirmed that some information were true, although he clarified that the story w not entirely truthful. Be that it may, director Patty Jenkins h publicly spoken about her departure from Wonder Woman's third installment: When the reactions for the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 began to occur, a false clickbait history began to spread that I had charged or renounced it. This is not true, I never left. he explained in the statement, he w open to study any proposal to be offered. However, in my opinion there w nothing I could do for the project to move forward. DC is obviously immersed in the changes that you must undertake, so I understand that these decisions are at the moment.


in a positive tone

Jenkins did not want to culminate his letter with bitter words. I don't want to finish Wonder Woman's beautiful trip with a negative note. I feel honored, and I loved being the person who h been able to make two Wonder Woman films. He is an incredible character, living according to his values makes a better person every day. I want her and her legacy to have a great future ahead, with me or without me. The director h been wted on flattery towards the main star of the films, the actress who commissions Wonder Woman. Gal [Godot] is the most precious gift that I have received throughout this journey. A dear friend, an inspiration and a sister. There are no words that I can use to define how magical it is. In the same statement, Jenkins reveals that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron remains in development.


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