The First Prototype Of The Game, 'Prototype'. Why Is It Important?

Prototypes generally mean the beginning of game development. The developer creates and verifies prototypes to test the fun of the game he thought. If you look at the possibility of fun at the prototype stage, you will be trimmed and toward the finished work.

At the Smile gate Indie Game Festival 'Burning Beaver', an exhibition was held to collect prototypes, the starting stage of game development. Burning Beaver will be held at 545-14 Pop-up Building, Garosu-gil, Singalong, Seoul until December 18 (Sun). The prototype exhibition 'VERY 0.0.1' can be found on the first floor of the venue.

Team Turtle Cream, which develops experimental games 'VERY 0.0.1', was planned. Turtle Cream introduced the exhibition that the exhibition was inspired by the Berlin 'Devolution' in Germany. The exhibited games are for your well-being (Gem sung Games), The Ramsey (Irina Games), Dun grid (Team Ho Ray), Dungeon Log: Legendary Adventurer (Giant Dice), Rooms (Handmade Game), Leader: Test_Subject (Neverless Studio), Ripple Effect (Outsider Kids), Metallic Child (STUDIO HG), Sana bi (Wonder Potion), Forest Small Witch (Sunny Side Up) Throne Swords (21C DUCKS CO., LTD.), Exit The Dungeon (Singapore Games & Dodge Roll), Latin (Studio Two months), RP7 (Turtle Cream), Story (Pepper stones).

Turtle Cream introduced the planning intention, The appearance of dummy images is not so pretty, and the operation is not very good. It is difficult to expect sounds such as sound.


I think of it, and I start preparing for a long and long development journey. So the 0.0.1 version is so important. It's a very important first step toward the future of the game.

Park Undying, Captain Park, said that the exhibition was designed with great inspiration in two things. The first is 'Devolution', which he saw at the A MAZE exhibition in Berlin, and the second is the debate on Twitter. 'Devolution' is a compound word of Development and Evolution. Captain Park Undying said, I was able to see the process of making the games by displaying the 6-7 development version from the first version of the famous games we know in Devolution to the version that was released on each computer. I was exhibiting Kingdom and APE OUT, and it was fun to listen to the process and story of each game.

The second is a tweet controversial among developers, Graphics Are REST FINISHED in a Video Game. There are many arguments that the sentence is wrong, indie games and AAA prototypes to prove it. Captain Park Undying thought it would be fun to gather the prototype and exhibit the prototype.

Captain Park Undying said, Creating a game is a process of implementing the imagination in the developer's head. I imagined the first art resource. I wanted to show the spacing of this 'imagination and implementation' to the audience.

Very 0.0.1 exhibits 16 games. The selection criteria are △ △ the audience can experience both the first and the current version, so that the exhibition will be selected as an exhibition in the game that can be successfully conveyed the intention of the exhibition. Game △ It's already very famous, so it's a game that the audience already knows about the current version.

When the general user sees the prototype, Park Undying, It is a prototype to make sure that the developer can deliver the intended fun or experience, decide whether to make it really or not, and to prepare for the long development in the future. If you experience the exhibition with this in mind, it will be a pleasant experience.

The exhibited games include the prototype play and the development of the developer. In response, Park Undying said, As the user sees the exhibition, the prototype is very coarse. Playing this version without any explanation can be a pleasant for the same developer, but it may not be fun for the general audience. I thought it would be. I said.

I personally think this audio interview is the most important content rather than the prototype itself, he said. It's a high quality interview.

Park Undying recommended the culture of sharing prototypes among developers. It's really important to show it to people around me or other developers as much as I have confirmed myself, and it's really important to see if I accept it as I think, he said. I can hear it.

In relation to the initial storage of online games, the importance is gradually emphasized in terms of history. For example, 20 years ago, Nixon's 'Wind Country' and NC soft 'Lineage' are separately captured. To this end, Captain Park Undying said, As mentioned earlier, it would be better to archive the real prototype with internal assets of the studio. Isn't it your history? I saw the displays and resources of the playable builds and resources, and I thought it was a very good plan.

I think that the introduction of the production process of the game in various ways, as shown the movie NG scene as a production process, is a work that expands the possibility of the media.


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