Turtle Beach VelocityOne Stand: bracket for flight simulator

Taking your flight simulator experience to the next level has never been easier with the Turtle Beach Velocity stand! This customizable bracket is designed to provide you with the support you need for your flight simulator hardware, allowing you to get the most out of your simulation sessions. Read on to find out more about how this innovative product can help improve your experience!

The gaming accessory Turtle Beach announced the worldwide accessibility of the Velocity status today. He completes Turtle Beach's flight simulation setup, which currently consists of the VelocityONONE FLIGHT Universal Control System or the Velocity Flight stick and the Velocity Rudder Pedals. The Velocity stand has fast locks, with which gamers can adjust the height, length and angle individually.

In addition, the upper assembly platform for the optimum steering bracket or tax wheel positioning can be tilted, while the lower platform can be set in a comparable method for rowing or racing pedals. The reversible style enables use in both directions. The assembly platforms made from strong steel are pre-drilled for use with the Velocity Flight & Velocity rudder items. Personalized and non-slip rubber feet make sure a firm stand and the useful, foldable style allows simple stowing, without prior disassembly of the devices.


The Velocity one Wait Turtle Beach is now available at www.turtlebeach.com and from getting involved dealers for a RRP of 199.99 euros. Turtle Beach Velocity one Stand at Amazon The Velocity stand was established for the Velocity one Flight Simulation Control System and the Velocity Rudder, however can be utilized universally and works with other flight and racing simulation manages along with pedals.


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