5: How to Make the Most of Deyha in Genshin Impact Version 3.5

Delay has officially become a playable character with the launch of Genshin Impact version 3.5. Although there has been a certain discontent for his questionable team, there are still some players who still plan to bet on this mortal mercenary. That said, here is how Delay can be achieved in Genshin Impact.

how to unlock Delay in Genshin Impact

Image credit: Coyote Similar to other characters in Gen shin Impactdehya can be achieved by desiring in his flag golden glow. During this desire of limited event, the character Pro will receive a great increase in the fall rate, which will make it easier for you. Of course, you still have to be very lucky to unlock it, since you only promise to get a five-star random character in your 90th attempt. If you fail to win the 50/50 mechanics, you must continue pulling until you are lucky or reach the 180s, where you are guaranteed to receive Delay.


The banner will also increase its chances of getting Barbara, Bennet and Collar. The three units are quite useful and can be great additions to their team, especially Bennet. The young adventurer has been the best shock absorber and is a viable member for many strong team compositions.

Would you throw Data in Genshin Impact?

Image credit: Coyote When looking for new characters in the Geisha Games, most players can suggest getting units they like independently of their skills.

It is good advice, especially considering that the goal is constantly changing, and a character that can be strong at this time can become useless or have less utility. However, looking at a new unit with objective eyes is also a good idea because creating a character in Gen shin can be a great investment. Unfortunately, Delay is a bit complicated mainly due to her inability to create elementary reactions consistently. His elementary ability has similarities with Albedo's, where he can inflict Pro damage to enemies within his Fiery Sanctum field. It sounds good about the paper, but during its official demonstration, it does not constantly unleash any fusion reaction when Gansu shoots its loaded shots. It is clear that the speed of pyrotechnic attacks outside the Delay field is too slow to activate elementary reactions correctly. As the main DPS, Delay tends to remove opponents with their third blow, which makes their final attack often fail. On the other hand, it is not as good as a support unit. Delay can receive part of the active character's damage in his Fiery Sanctum field, but that ability is not useful when you have units like Zwingli and Diana, which can provide total protection with their shields. To make things worse, Delay will be added to the standard banner after his limited event desire is finished. It simply makes no sense to most players betting on it when you can get it easily when you fail to win 50/50 mechanics. Even so, ultimately, it is a personal choice if you want to support Delay or not. Gen shin is mainly a single player game, and you can still turn it into a decent unit by giving great artifacts and an adequate weapon. That will be the end of our guide on how to enter Delay Genshin Impact. Before leaving, consider checking other Gen shin articles below. They can help you on your trip in East. Related Posts All changes in Genshin Impact 3.5: Genshin Impact 3.5 Explanation of patch notes How to preinstall Genshin Impact 3.5 How to go through the arc in impacted gen shin The 6 best genius invocation decks in Genshin Impact JCC Two new very anticipated characters will finally arrive at Genshin Impact


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