A Complete Look At Gensin Impact's Banner History: All The Character & Weapon Banners Since 2020

Gen shin Effect variation 2.2 banners.

Phase one-Farewell to Snezhnaya. Child/Natalia (5 star). Shotgun. Ningbo. Santa. Stage two-moment of flower. HU Tao (5 star). Thomas (debut). Sad. Diana.

Gen shin Effect variation 2.1 banners.

Stage one-rule of tranquility. Raid Shogun (5 star: debut). Duo Sara (debut). Sucrose. Xi angling. Phase two-drifting bright. Kokomo (5 stars: launching). Rosario. Bayou. Xingu.

Genshin Impact version 2.0 banners.

Phase one-the court of the heron. Kamikaze Ayala (5 stars: launching). Shotgun. Ningbo. Santa. Phase two-tapeline made of golden flames. Oriya (5 stars: debut). Diana. Sad (debut). Ninja.

Gen shin Effect variation 1.6 banners.

Phase one-sparkling actions. Klee (5 stars). Fish. Sucrose. Barbara. Stage two-leaves in the wind. Keisha (5 star: debut). Rosario. Razor. Bennett.

GENGHIS effect Variation 1.5 banner.

Phase one-nobility of the hermitage. Zwingli (five stars). Diana. Noelle. Santa (launching). Phase two-born from Ocean Swell. Eula (5 stars: launching). Xi angling. Bayou. Ninja.

Genshin Impact variation 1.4 banners.

Phase one-ballad in cups. Vent (5 star). Noelle. Sucrose. Razor. Stage two-farewell to Snezhnaya. Child/Natalia (5 star). Rosario. Fish. Barbara.

Gen shin Effect variation 1.3 banners.

Stage one-invitation to nonreligious life. Xiao (5 star: launching). Diana. Bayou. Ninja. Stage two-dance of the lanterns. Keying (five stars: launching). Barbara. Ningbo. Bennett. Phase three-moment of flower. HU Tao (five-stars: debut). Xingu. Shotgun. Xi angling.

Gen shin Effect version 1.2 banners.

Stage one-the trick of the secrets. Albedo (five stars: debut). Fish. Sucrose. Bennett. Stage two-drive in the port. Setting (5 star: debut). Noelle. Xingu. Xi angling.

GENGHIS effect Variation 1.1 banners.

Stage one-Farewell to Snezhnaya. Child/Natalia (5 stars: debut). Ningbo (debut). Diana (launching). Bayou (debut). Phase two-nobility of the hermitage. Zwingli (5 star: debut). Ninja (debut). Shotgun. Razor (launching).

Genshin Impact version 1.0 banners.

Stage one-ballad in cups. Vent (5 stars). Barbara. Xi angling. Fish. Stage two-sparkling actions. Klee (5 star). Noelle. Xingu. Sucrose. Which is the historical Gen sin Effect banner history of all characters given that the game was published. As you will learn, it has been a long time given that numerous of these characters have actually reappeared, so that you may soon have the ability to reappear in a future banner. Have a look at our Genshin Impact ranking of the very best characters for more information about how each of these banner characters rank.

In the years since its publication in 2020, there was a consistent growth history of the Gen sin Impact banner. Hoovers has actually constantly released brand-new character and weapon banners about every three weeks. This provides the players the chance to spend their hard-earned (or bought) primogemes for desires in order to get a chance of the weapons and characters presented. All in all, it is an amazing time for fans who aspire to get a new character or discover out whom you could get next. The secret to this is a predictive preparation, orienting yourself on previous banners To help you, we have offered you with the full Gen sin Impact banner history, in which all previous character and weapon banners are noted. In addition to the analysis of the Gen sin Impact banner course, you can likewise keep up to date by means of the current Gen sin Impact banners and the next Gen sin Effect banners in addition to the active Gen sin Impact codes so that you can spend your prime in the future.

History of the Gen sin Impact banners.

Here is a total overview of the GENUINE Effect banner history of all character banners from the current to the oldest:

Genshin Impact version 3.4 banners

Phase one-caution in trust and invite to nonreligious life al-Haytham (5 stars: debut). Xiao (5 stars). Taobao (debut). Yeo-jin. Ninja. Phase two-moment of flower and discerned of enigmas. HU Tao (five stars). Jean (5 stars). Xingu. Ningbo. Bayou.

Gen shin Effect variation 3.3 banners.

Stage onions Royale and From Ashes Reborn.

  • Arawak into (5 star).
  • Scaramouche/hiker (5 stars: debut).
  • Tarzan (debut).
  • Good.
  • Santa. Stage two-Reign of Serenity and Azure Adventure.
  • Raid shogun (5 star).
  • Kamikaze Amato (5 star).
  • Duo Sara.
  • Rosario.
  • Sad.

Gen shin Effect variation 3.2 banners.

Stage one-the knowledge of the moon turf and wall carpet made of golden flames. Bahia (5 star: debut). Oriya (five stars). Noelle. Razor. Bennett. Phase two-everbloom violet and goodbye to Snezhnaya. Yes Mike (5 stars). Child/Natalia (five stars). Layla (debut). Here. Thomas.

Genshin Impact Variation 3.1 Banner.

Phase One-Twilight Arbiter and Ballad in Goblet. Keno (five stars: debut). Vent (5 stars). Kiki Shinobi. Candace (launching). Sad. Stage two-Twirling Lotus and Trick of Secrets. Nile (5 star: launching). Albedo (five stars). Barbara. Bayou. Xi angling.

Gen shin Effect variation 3.0 banners.

Stage one-VirideScent Vigil and Nobility of the Hermitage. Tighter (five stars: launching). Zwingli (5 star). Associates (launching). Diana. Fish. Stage two-hustle and bustle in the harbor and driving luminous. Setting (5 stars). Kokomo (5 star). Doris (debut). Sucrose. Xingu.

Genshin Impact variation 2.8 banners.

Phase one-leaves in the wind and shimmering steps. Keisha (5 star). Klee (5 star). Here (debut). Thomas. Ningbo. Stage two-tapeline made from golden flames. Oriya (five stars). Yeo-jin. Ninja. Bennett.

Gen shin Effect version 2.7 banners.

Phase one-invitation to nonreligious life and acknowledgment of the riddle. Xiao (5 stars). Jean (5 star: launching). Barbara. Noelle. Santa. Stage swoons Royale. Arawak into (5 star). Kiki Shinobi (launching). Good. Shotgun.

Genshin Impact version 2.6 banners.

Phase One-Azure Expedition and Ballad in Tablets. Kamikaze Amato (5 star: launching). Vent (5 star). Yeo-jin. Sucrose. Xi angling. Stage two-the court's lawn. Kamikaze Ayala (5 star). Rosario. Razor. Sad.

Gen shin Effect version 2.5 banners.

Phase one-everbloom violet. Yes Mike (five stars: debut). Thomas. Fish. Diana. Stage two-rule of calmness and driving bright. Raid shogun (5 star). Kokomo (5 stars). Duo Sara. Ninja. Bennett.

Gen shin Effect variation 2.4 banners.

Stage one-the transcendent returns and welcomes you to nonreligious life. Hence (5 star: debut). Xiao (five stars). Yeo-jin (debut). Ningbo. Shotgun. Stage two-Gentry of Hermitage and Adrift in the harbor. Zwingli (5 star). Setting (5 star). Xingu. Bayou. Santa.

Gen shin Effect variation 2.3 banners.

Phase one-Born of Ocean Swell and Trick of Secrets. EULA (5 star). Albedo (5 star). Rosario. Noelle. Bennett. Stage swoons Royale.


  • Arawak Into (five stars: debut).
  • Barbara.
  • Good (debut).
  • Xi angling.


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