Celebrate the Fast Growth and Great Rewards of Traha Infiniti's First Anniversary!

Moat Games announced on the 9th that the mobile MMORPG Tr aha Infinite, which is developed and serviced by the company, will celebrate the first anniversary of its launch.

The first anniversary of the launch, Tr aha Infinite added the myth grade equipment, an ancient level of ancient grade. This allows you to expect a higher combat power. In addition, the first anniversary head and face decoration, which improves the stats, are added, and can be obtained through game access and coupons.

Along with the update, we have prepared various events to commemorate the first anniversary. First, we unveiled the first anniversary coupon with abundant rewards, and will be given a first-year gift box that contains thanksgiving of various items by connecting the game until the 15th.


In addition, the company has started the first anniversary of the event that can be purchased as a coin that can be acquired through access events or in-game contents, and can be exchanged for legendary grade equipment, pioneers' artifacts, and the source of magic and soul recovery agent.

In addition, it supports the energy buff of growth, which increases the experience, gold, item acquisition, quest and dungeon compensation to help users below 2,200 levels.

Lee Chan, CEO of Moi Games, said, Tr aha Infinite, who has grown with you, celebrates its first anniversary. I will always listen to your opinion and try to do this.

Meanwhile, more information about the event and update of Tr aha Infinite, which celebrates its first anniversary, can be found through the official community.


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