Damar Hamlin's Emotional Return to the NFL Stage: 6 Weeks After Cardiac Arrest

6 weeks after his heart arrest, football professional Dakar Hamlin performed soon before the Super Bowl.

The 24-year-old stood in Glendale on Sunday (local time) before the start of the last of the NFL in between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles with his very first-aiders on the field. The defender of Buffalo Expenses hugged the medical personnel and formed a heart with his hands. Hamlin's look was another considerable minute en route of his recovery. In the week of the Super Bowl, he had actually already spoken at the Gala for the finest players of the NFL season on Thursday. I felt my whole life that God uses me to offer me hope and now under the brand-new situations I can state that he is doing what he has actually always done, said Hamlin. I have a long way in front of me, a course full of unpredictability and a course filled with turning points. He collapsed on the field in a game of the routine season versus the Cincinnati Bengal in a game of the routine season and had to be resuscitated.


A week later on he was able to leave the medical facility in Cincinnati, another 2 days later the discharge from the health center in Buffalo followed. In the playoffs, Hamlin already had a video game of the Bills visited the defeat against the Cincinnati Bengals.


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