Discover the Best Combinations of Professions in Octopath Traveler 2

The option of second work is among one of the most complex components of Sociopath Traveler 2. Any kind of second job can give some advantage to each personality, given that they add numbers to their stats when they are equipped, there are professions that are much better integrated with each other than others. In this management, we will list several combinations of openings that we considered useful.


The most effective sets of the major as well as added operate in Sociopath Traveler 2

When choosing the right mixes is to make certain that none of the 2 jobs intersects in terms of use, an important factor. You never want apothecary and cleric on one character. You can likewise combine deal with extra abilities such as the cleric and vendor Regardless, listed below are some of our favored combinations of job. We did not include secret professions, such as an organist and also inventor, considering that the one to whom you furnish them is extra vital than to collaborate with which they can be connected (mainly as a result of covert power).

clergyman as well as seller.

Clerk is the class that needs a bunch SP to produce a lot of his magic. Merchant Relax abilities assist them sustain SP. The merchant will certainly also include features that are necessary for defense, such as HP, which will certainly allow you to transform your clergyman into a container.

clergyman and researcher

Yes, you can create a great therapist, specifically considering that these two classes raise both SP and ELEM. Assault for devices as an extra job. The only downside of cleric/scientist is the reality that he can considerably exhaust SP. Make certain that you will educate them the skills of supporting pharmacologist, so they can naturally restore SP in fight.

Warrior as well as Priest

Unlike its name, the warrior class is in fact the storage tank Sociopath Traveler 2, and not the sword (which the hunter goes). The warrior will certainly increase HP and also physical. Cash. With each other with the all-natural high resistance of the cleric to magic, you get a well-balanced personality that can treat, defend as well as apply attacks with modest damages.

seeker as well as warrior/merchant

As currently stated, the hunter is the very best offending occupation in the video game. The profession of a warrior provides him a higher supply of abilities and also even more weapons for usage. There is nothing beneficial in statistics. This is the hunter/merchant. Just remember that the last is overlapping in Luke like a tool, but this must not be way too much loss.

researcher as well as vendor

Scientists are weak naturally (also contrasted to clergy), so the merchant can help increase their survival, especially from the perspective of physical. Cash. The step sideways is likewise useful for escaping hazardous physical strikes. The only drawback of this is that the vendor has a fire skill that is rather intersects with a researcher. Utilize this combination only if you are stressed over the health and wellness of your scientist as well as are seeking a risk-free balanced assembly.

scientist and also dancer

The only solution will certainly be a pair of a scientist/dancer if you require only an illusionist. The dancer has a wind ability that adds a spell to the already large supply of spells of your scientist. Dancers likewise boost speed and also element. ATK. Speed is really beneficial for schleps, as they are really slow, and also plus in the element. ATK. Just enhances shooting power.

professional dancer and thief

If you are one of those who incorporate all support skills with one character, after that this mix is for you. The professions dancer as well as burglar have all the skills of deteriorating and also strengthening of characteristics. Both jobs also have high rate, which enables your personality to go. Both classes additionally increase evasion, so they have a respectable defense from assaults with weapons. You can ask the various other 3 participants of your team to play an assault or treatment.

hunter as well as burglar

This is the setting up of assistance, the function of which is to adjust the order in your favor. The professions of a thief and seeker enhance speed, so you will certainly probably get the first relocate each round. The hunter has a skill called Le gold catch, this pushes the opponent at the actual end of the line to the next 2 actions, allowing everyone else to act first. To get additional help to Sociopath Tourist 2, checked out the areas Exactly how to complete the task Waiting all day as well as evening in Sociopath Tourist 2 and also the most effective assistance skills for every personality in Sociopath Traveler 2 here, in the overview for the ready experts.


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