How To Get The Mercy Knife and Lock // In For The Valorant Champions Tour – A Step-By-Step Guide

The first international event of Valorant Champions Tour begins in two weeks, with the thirty teams that arrived at the franchise league. Lock // in is a big problem for the esports scene of Riot Games, and what better way to celebrate the event that launching a limited time package? Looking to put your hands in the Lock // in Valorant package and the coveted Mercy knife? Here is everything you need to know how to be part of the history of Valorant.


What is the Lock // In package?

Image source: Riot Games Like the Champions Package of previous years, the Lock // in is a limited time launch package full of cosmetics that represent the teams that participate in the event. Once again, like the Champions package, 50 % of the profits will be allocated to the event teams, as part of the Riot Games plan to encourage being part of the franchisee league. The importance of this event is huge. As mentioned, Lock // in is the first 2023 international tournament, with 32 teams fighting for the opportunity to get the winner's title while winning their respective region an additional place in Masters Tokyo. Lock // in begins on February 2 13 and lasts for almost a month, ending on March 4.

How to win the mercy knife and the lock // in package

The Misericódia Knife and Lock // in is a limited execution cosmetic and can only be bought through the game store. The price of the package has not yet been determined, but when buying it is will unlock: Misericordia melee (three additional color variants) VCT LOCK // In Player cards (one for each of the three regions) VCT // in Aerosol block

When is the Lock // In package launched?

The Lock // in package is launched on February 2. 8, during normal store update. Like all good things, it has an end, as the package will leave the store on March 7. Related Posts The new Valorant package is compatible with the VCT Lock // in and bring the bass drum before Brazil Valorant Skin Artist: Competitive integrity is one of the key aspects that we never lose view What time does the night market start in Valorant, and how does it work? How Crypto Throwing Trolls led to the High ELO League of Valorant Pro City Valorant developers explain Lotus Lore, design and how the team influences public service lineups


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