No Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy – Leaks Indicate Magical Broom Riding Is in the Plans

Hogwarts Tradition dips into the magic school, which Harry Potter later on went, and we can ride on brooms. The question of the possibility of being able to play quidditch is practically prompting. If you hope for it, you have to be very strong now. According to the makers, there ought to be no chance in the video game. However, that was initially prepared differently, as Leaks could now show. Last update on February 9th: The fact that there is no Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy even has an explanation in the game. We added this, however sadly it stays that the popular sport will not be playable.

no, you can't play a quidditch in Hogwarts Tradition

Not officially not: On the main site for Hogwarts Tradition, the often asked concerns (FAQ = frequently Asked Questions) also contains one after Quidditch. But the sport with a broom flight is instantly turned down: Quidditch can not be played in Hogwarts Legacy. Nevertheless, travel and racing with the broom belong to the video game. That is the description in the video game: Within the very first hours of the video game, you will explain the headmaster Phineas Nigel Black that there will be no quidditch this academic year.


This is because of the truth that there was a major mishap last year. However, you can absolutely jet through the area on a broom, and it can even be adjusted optically and likewise improve when you do particular quests. You can see what the broom flight looks like in this Hogwarts Tradition video:

Hogwarts Tradition Leaks: Quidditch was obviously prepared

There are new leakages on Hogwarts Tradition, and they recommend that the title was initially designed to be able to play Quidditch in it. On the one hand there is a dripped, apparently already ancient screenshot. This shows a character in a complete quidditch equipment, with the appropriate headgear and all the trimmings. This works clearly, but obviously it could simply be a cosmetic content. The clothing might still be in the video game, without the sport (by means of: game rant). Translatitude at J.K. Rowling: The success of Hogwarts Tradition comes indirectly Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to excellent, the associated sales rights and the associated sale of the books. Rowling continues to be actively noticeable through anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and actively supports anti-trans policy in UK.

If you wish to find out more about the subject, you can discover additional information here and here. There would be another leak in which it is claimed that Quidditch was certainly prepared for Hogwarts Legacy-complete with all 4 video game positions (viewfinder, hunters, drivers and keepers) and everything else. Nevertheless, the task was then offered up after a production year (through: Twitter). However, be careful! With all these leakages, it can not be inspected whether they are true. Accordingly, you must enjoy them with the essential caution and categorize them as claims and speculation. You can read more about Hogwarts Tradition here: How to fix the doors and choose the right animal system Create the magic wand and choose the core, these are your alternatives Now dust down totally free items with Harry Potter fan club account Could Quidditch still come? With all the assumptions, naturally, numerous fans still have the hope that Quidditch may become sent as a DLC or the like. Obviously, this is not completely impossible, however there is no evidence of it either.


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