The player is invited to join forces with the mysterious Fire Emblem Engage to save the world from the forces of darkness. Test your Fire Emblem Engage skills and unravel the mystery behind the power of the Fire Emblem!

To highlight the words a little. A situation starts the group at the top of Learn, with behind them a crowd of enemies that ought to not be faced, the goal being to run away down the map. What a terrific idea to offer to one of the opposing mages a stick to paralyze a target! What to do versus that? Well, have a great deal of luck? Place a dodge unit in package most within its reach which will try to withstand assaults? In any case, it is almost compulsory to renovate this card a minimum of when. Another example through a skirmish objective. This occurs indoors, with passage straits. Much of packages are affected by a dark mist, with the result of reducing the attribute of your units and increase those of opponents (this normally makes it nearly invincible), if it is positioned on it. There is only one emblem that has the capacity to remove this mist, on a handful of boxes, nearby and as soon as per turn;. There is something to raise an eyebrow on the conception of this fight. A little last, scenario card. You need to reach an opponent manager at the top of an indoors. It is for that reason essential to advance in its direction by defeating the enemies' en route, but likewise those which appear every turn on the sides. Clearly there are warriors, archers, however likewise mages to look after your concept of containing side attacks with heavy armor systems. And then well, it must not be too easy, so let's add all this a little look of 4 Wyverns just behind your starting point. Like that, in case you have taken care to keep your delicate units withdrawn, they will taste. And difficult to obstruct the passage of opponents to postpone, since they are ruffles, who will cross a possible character hindering. Another card that was a pleasure to play (no). To have and remember made most of the episodes of the series, it is perhaps the worst Fire Symbol in terms of its level design. This results in that in trouble two or more, you can put aside the archers, mages, disciples of the I, assistance warrior, etc. They serve on occasion, however in general these classes are cut. What is feasible is physical tanking through heavy armor units, however above all, above all, dodge systems. It is simply the solution to almost all scenarios of combating, magical or physical. It's basic: from about half of the game, a thief (signed up with afterwards by 2 other dodge characters who helped her in this function) held halves of enemy armies. In addition, with Lynn Emblem which makes it possible to conjure up doubles that attract the enemy, it was the most effective character of the company. Big tactical element... So, we see from here coming the remarks as it is since it is the difficulty 2 out of 3, it is just taking the first, it is logical, blah blah. When even if you have actually selected a greater difficulty, you have a large part of the systems that are almost no longer functional and there is a need to focus on one or 2 types of others to win the success, C '. Is that there are some issues in the design of the tactical... A couple of words about skirmish or training objectives on the world map. Unlike 3 Houses, once again, there are no low level objectives to raise the units that are delayed. So appear on the map of the fights more or less of the level of your group, for that reason relatively equal in trouble to the objectives of the scenario which could be an issue for you. What a concept...

A ruined symbol.

It is time to conclude this test which was agonizing to write, as it was unpleasant to play the video game. In addition to the weariness brought by the activities, the ludicrous levels of the situation and the discussions, there was frequently the temptation of rage quit. Since of its problem, the video game. And it was by having found the series in GBA emulation over twenty years earlier, and ever since has actually been a number of episodes. Engage is a relatively average Fire Emblem, not complimentary from a couple of qualities, he actually fish with his writing and concepts for Game Style and Level Design Canals. We will go so far regarding state that it is among the worst symbol. Sad observation for an episode that is considered an event of the legend. Since obviously employed has been developed to function as a gateway to the public, we hope that the next episode will return more to the tones and qualities of the series. Test performed on Change by Zekkangel from a variation offered by the publisher.

Given that we discussed discussions with the symbols, let's go to the location where they take place, Spaniel. It is an island in the sky where the protagonists of the adventure are found in order to enjoy numerous activities. This is something that was presented in Three Houses, although the concept of a place for discussions was currently present in Fates. Here, the social aspect and the activities have actually been much more developed. It is possible to sin, to purchase to consume, to organize the menagerie of animals, to make the flight of Dragon, to caress a kind and feed of mascot, Pizzazz. It is a bit rebellious, not bad superficial and quite separated from the gravity of the situation. This is once again a distinction with the previous game, which, regardless of the moments partially of relaxation, stayed reasonably consistent with the situation. Many of the companions' discussions are boats, little associated to the scenario, which hangs up with the problem pointed out above an extremely little developed universe. Inevitably, it is challenging to make fascinating discussions in between the lead characters when the background of the game is very bad, and it is an understatement... Crucial point, a lot of Spaniel's features are connected to the expenditure or gain of link fragments, a type of currency required for different gameplay or cosmetics. There are likewise on this island puts to equip themselves with weapons and items, inherit techniques of emblems, battle against them to increase affinity, make duels of buddies or even take part in battles to train. For these, there are online variations, but it is the offline variation we will speak about. It is a succession of fight cards, at the modular level, which saves some gems and a little experience. The issue is that it is actually long for a ludicrous gain in experience (zero won on a card, just a little at the end) and in gems. It takes a lot of these to be able to enhance weapons, a lot that we will confess that we will not have tested the important things. Due to the fact that it would have asked for numerous hours of farming (chaining the cards) in order to have enough to customize devices among all those detained. In other words, adequate doubtful on this functionality. Simply as that on battles, which conserves little experience and does not permit you to pick the opponent (which can provide silly mixes). You will comprehend, the entire part on the island takes place the farming;. Activities really little interesting, not really beneficial, redundant, to do frequently, due to the fact that it is restricted by timers or by the variety of link pieces requested. We found it quite average, both in ideas and in locations.

Flames of the fight.

So let's go to the combating part, heart of the license. As normal, there is a turn-by-turn battles on different cards. On these are positioned the different systems of the player, which can trigger them one by one, then it goes to the opponent's turn. Clearly, there are different kinds of systems, with various classes, each with its equipment and its own qualities. Due To The Fact That in Fire Symbol, let us keep in mind, each character is distinct. Although the class modifies the capacities of a fighter, at each level won the latter randomly gains (or practically, obviously) a point in among its attributes.

/! \ The video game test was carried out in hard mode, given that it is indicated that the latter corresponds to the veterans of the saga and the knowledgeable gamers of the category.

Fire that has problem taking

The video game starts while the main lead character, Clear (modifiable name) Seville after a millennial sleep. In spite of his lack of memories, he is a magnificent dragon, a deity that enjoys over the world. Rapidly, dark enemies assault the surroundings and the main plot is revealed. The dark dragon has likewise awakened (coincidence?) And crowds of dark animals surge on the world. Clear must for that reason bring together the twelve rings, each linked to an emblem, a more or less ghostly variation of a hero of another world. Thanks to their combined powers, he can invoke Captain World... Uh, sorry: with the power of his minds, he can undo the opponent dragon. As stated in the intro, the studio had the will with this episode to go back to a lot more traditional story, to make it an entrance to the saga. A little strange option given the idea of admiring the old episodes, but excellent. Exit therefore the rather demanded and nuanced situation, a somewhat worked building and construction of the world, intriguing lead characters, and so on. Here, make method for a story and stereotyped and very fundamental characters. There is a big bad guy who is really mean, with henchmen who are very mean too, and unexpectedly the gentiles are defending good as well as to safeguard the innocent, and so on. The circumstance and its lead characters are honestly really standard. The gallery of characters is more vibrant than usual. The outcome is an honestly rather bad game in the whole writing part. Not that there was a high level in the previous ones, but 3 Homes had a good construction of the environment in its history and the old episodes had a relatively severe intrigue for them, see legendary. In this episode, it is a concern of a universe (while prior to it treated just a basically big area), but just made up of 4 (or almost) big continents, which we cross in a few objectives, Without seeing or learning much about it. This universe sounds far too irregular to attach a minimum to it. We can discuss his primary character too, honestly rather ludicrous. Apparently, the concept behind is to make it more captivating, better to normality than big heroes with whom it can be hard to recognize. It's a little missed then... Many dialogues and scenarios are rather outrageous, even heartbreaking. The pinnacle is undoubtedly while doing so during which the huge bad person manages to fly a couple of rings, after which Clear almost begins to whimper by pleading him to offer him back, a bit like a kid to whom a toy would have been confiscated, the scene is a. Unwilling... A couple of words about the emblems in regard to history. Among the heroes of the legend, Mart his the one who gains from the best highlighting, which is normal, being the very first of them and definitely among the best known (Smash Bros assisting), Emblem (shah) of the. Legend. We will value that at one point Lucia takes control of, sensible since it is a far-off descendant, a good nod. Unfortunately, many of the other symbols are quite transparent. Apart from the passage where they are recovered, they have nearly no discussion in history. However, by increasing the link with them, we will return to it, they have some exchanges with the companion in concern. The issue is that these discussions are very generic. There is practically no adaptation to the history of the hero worried. Yes, for that it would have taken much more writing work, provided the number of buddies. But seeing them address the comments like don't stress you will arrive or you need to train is a bit of an embarrassment. All of a sudden, at the discussion level it makes the heroes extremely interchangeable between them or even with other characters in the legend. It is only by getting to the mission of unlocking the innovative levels of an emblem (to have access to level 20), that there is a little story connected to the character. So a concept in the end little exploited when there was a way to have fascinating discussions.

The Foyer de l'Adventure.

Different episodes of the series attempted a couple of new gameplay. Awakening had the idea of permitting playable characters to form a duo, in order to gain from characteristics, battle assistance, etc. A good idea that turned out to be a little too mistreated via certain mixes. They customized it a little in the following episodes. In engage, light perks are granted when two units with specific affinity (this amounting by fighting neighboring or by doing activities typical to the sanctuary) are coast next. On the other hand, there are so-called assistance classes and different passive talents to bring a benefit or to the character to himself in case of nearby allies. An idea not actually new, however perhaps a little more highlighted in this episode. The problem is that if in regular these offending assistance classes can be fascinating, it is not the same in the higher trouble. Opponents do big damage and there are a great deal on each card that have two attacks, see 3 boxes, from distance. This means that systems, all the same less costal than the characters in big armor or in big dodges, are ruined by the opponents. This for that reason makes these systems in the end extremely not very useful. We can likewise speak about passive skills of specific almost useless characters. Like those who do that when the character assaults the exact same opponent a second time, he benefits from a reward. In a game where an opponent who has not been beat can put his target in a tour, there is something to question the effectiveness of this kind of passive. Once again, good ideas in the end a little canals. Let's discuss the weapon system, a major element of the battling. Three Houses had actually put this element of the series a little aside, however the triangle of arms is back for engage. In this episode, attack an opponent with a weapon having the ascendancy over him (sword → ax → lance → sword) reduce from performing a counterattack. It is for that reason of great value, due to the fact that your character does not take any damage in return from his offensive. As typical, there is also the reality that the arcs are more reliable on flying systems (and generally have big precision) and the systems in large armor are very conscious magic. On this side, no worries, this traditional gameplay part of the legend works well.

The emblematic characters.

Let's proceed to the twelve symbols, which as discussed above, are each linked to the primary character of an episode of the series. Obviously the different heroes of the legend all have their own way of battling and this has an influence on the rewards they approve by binding to them. Therefore, everybody provides rewards of qualities, passive skills and activated capacities in battle during a commitment connected to the method they have to combat. IKE (which is not the finest of the heroes in the series) offers Defense, PV and strength rewards as well as talents that increase strength or enhance attacks to the ax. On the other hand, Lynn provides speed and precision perks as well as talents which increase even more speed or attacks to the arc. Similar things for a hero associated to magic, and so on. In addition to that, these lists of skills have proficiency of weapons. These are used to open access to classes for playable characters. Therefore, Cécilia permits the proficiency of volumes and adheres to be mastered, therefore permitting a buddy who does not have access to lacquerre and unlock the development towards a class that uses them. This part of the game is rather well believed out, undoubtedly one of the most successful things in the episode. Little flat all the same on the acquisition of techniques, needed to inherit these, which is quite long, therefore still farming. We can still be sorry for that certain symbols seem enough above the others. The Girl of the Plains for instance seems to be among the most powerful heroes, because its speed perk (and therefore dodges) is a major property in fights. Particularly from the level of trouble 2, but we will talk about it afterwards. A couple of words on the other hand on their acquisition. It is done over the course of history, but actually one by one (or almost). In addition to that, at a time of the circumstance, without revealing too much, the first are taken, then replaced little by others. This makes the optimization part of the characters and building of the team rather unsteady. Generally, several chapters without magic-oriented symbol happen. And once you lost the very first emblems, if you had not transferred their talents before this passage, regrettable, do. It will take half a video game to obtain some brand-new ones. A major performance of the game is amputated by half of its individuals during a large part of the scenario. These are weird style choices.

Throughout the battles, it is possible for a character of engaging with a main symbol. The result is a modification in the look of the ring holder, however particularly access to particular abilities. This improvement lasts 3 laps at the start and can increase by means of the link with the spirit of the ring. To charge the engagement gauge, after completion of an improvement, you need to combat. It is also possible to put yourself on sort of charging points. This feature is quite good, even if their too an issue of stabilizing the rings is felt. In addition to the primary rings, less powerful variations, called link rings, are available. They likewise bring particular rewards (however really little, like +1 in some, possibly a +2). To obtain link rings, they should be conjured up through the altar in the emblem hall. This is done in groups of 10, linked to the hero of an episode. There are a lot per primary hero, each representing a buddy of the episode in concern, with a small description paragraph. Beyond that, homage it is interesting to provide a little increase to a system and some have an additional capacity (possibly a lot over more than a hundred). The problem is that it costs a lot, really a lot, of link fragments. It is possible to combine rings to acquire the upper variation because beyond the expense of the invocation. Other than that in addition to the need to have numerous copies, it still costs fragments (lots of) for fusion. A mechanics of Geisha which we would have worked out as it is scrumptious in resources, which then needs to farm, a lot. Or you need to concentrate on a couple of symbols, but unexpectedly the tribute side and collect takes a hit. This also has an effect throughout the fights, due to the fact that a benefit of +5 PV can impact the survival of the aid and a system brought an additional displacement after playing is fantastic. Another good idea completed in a wobbly, even hazardous to the balance of the game. A couple of words on the emblems in DLC. Tiki (big heart) is an especially effective emblem by its passive which enhances the opportunities of increased particular and its transformation into a dragon which improves the connected character a lot. 3 Homes' homes is a little more hard to use than others, however it has relatively powerful capabilities. Note that using these 2 symbols has a significant effect on the balancing of the game. We are curious to see the additions of the next DLC.

Burning balancing.

Since we are talking about the balance of the video game, it's time to approach what has personally postured huge problems. As described in the preamble, it was chosen to play in difficulty 2 out of 3, because it was indicated that it represented the veterans of the legend and the tactical in general. We assumed that it was a great way to check the game mechanics well. We are not going to make the thriller last, engages is an Emblem Fire especially inadequately developed in the level style of its battles, which has a direct effect on the effectiveness of different units. As pointed out a little above, there are lots of opponents who have a 2 or 3 box attack or have excellent mobility (or both).


The cards can be very open. Finally, on lots of opponents' cards appear behind your group. The whole makes it extremely tough to keep delicate systems on the back and protect them as the logic of this type of conflicts would like. Obviously, placing them in front is not actually a valid choice. As a result, lots of battles are to tear the hair with trouble, since of these appearances. We will be able to address that specifically, it is tactics to take notice of the positioning of the units. It's fair: it's even among the hearts of the series. Other than that there, the situations are simply truly badly developed. To say, after the first chapters of history, there must just be one or two fights of the circumstance which achieved success the very first time. Due to the fact that there is constantly a small opponent trip, frequently unreasonable, which makes it cause the loss of at least one system, and it is necessary to redo the battle (since even with the reappearance of a character after a fight, to lose one or. two during this one generally makes it much more tough to end up).


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