Wait All Day and Night at Octopath Traveler 2 in Canalbrine, Harborlands

Waiting all the time and evening is Sociopath Traveler 2, which can be located at evening in Canal brine, Harbor lands. Near the tavern there is a NPC that is awaiting the arrival of his buddy, but can not locate him. Below's exactly how to carry out a quest.

Passage Sociopath Traveler 2 Waiting all day and also evening

Waiting throughout the day and also evening is a quest that is easy to finish if you meticulously pay attention to the dialogue of the waiting young guy. He says that he was waiting for this very specific table of arrival of his buddy. The buddy can only be near the area. The funny thing is that you will really find him sitting in the exact same chair, waiting on young people is switched on in the morning. Modification the moment of day and take with you a personality that can take an individual with you. Elevate the individual and take him to the waiting for young people during the night. You can utilize either a section or Agnes Course Activity for job.

Teens can only be carried out in the early morning, so it can not be used in this quest.


These two characters are actually doubles. The senior twin recognized the right place, yet mistakenly took PM for AM. As a reward, you obtain G and also a couple of valuable things. Objective Total! To obtain additional details regarding Sociopath Traveler 2, obtain familiarized with Sociopath Traveler 2-the JP and Exp pharmacy guide to Pro Video game Guides.


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