5 update.Get the Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore in Genshin Impact 3.5 Update - Auric Blaze Event

The ARIC Blaze event is over us with the arrival of Genshin Impact 3.5 update. Game fans will know that each new event brings a new horsepower, including powerful new weapons. The players who love to use characters of great impact will be especially happy to know that a powerful Claymore weapon arrives with the 3.5 update. Here is the truth about how to get the beacon of the Claymore Juncos Sea in Genshin Impact.

What is the Reed Sea Claymore lighthouse in Genshin Impact?

If your team uses a character that Claymore uses, be it the servile Noelle, the OG DISC or the fierce Leon Delay, you clearly have an inclination to brutally hit enemies. Good for you! And even better for you is the arrival of Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore, a new 5-star Claymore that not only hits strongly but also allows the entire team to obtain an attack impulse, overcoming the limits of everyone's damage. Delay, the ARIC Blaze event star, can often be seen wielding the new Claymore. If an evil one like Delay has chosen the lighthouse of the Juncos Sea as his favorite weapon, then it is certainly worth investigating.

Statistics and arms skill of Beacon of the Reed Sea in Genshin Impact

Image credit: Coyote ATQ Base (Level 1-90): 46-608 2nd Type of Statistics: Critical Rate 2nd Base Statistics (NV. 1-90): 7.2%-33.1% Weapon skill: Desert surveillance Desert Watch allows your ATK to increase temporarily when an elementary skill successfully hits an enemy.


ATK will also increase when taking DMG. However, the best part is that these benefits will occur even when the member of the group that wields the Beacon of the Reed is not in the field, which makes it a spectacular option for a Support Claymore user.

How to unlock the Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore in Genshin Impact

With the 3.5 update, Beacon of the Reed is can be achieved through Epitome Invocation, Weapon Event Wishes from March 1 to 21, 2023. During this period, Beacon of the Reed will receive a great increase in the fall rate, What will make this the best opportunity to spend destinations intertwined with desires, either spending 1 or 10 intent destinations at the same time. The firstborn can also be exchanged to get more wishes if necessary. We wish you the best of the luck in their pulls, and we hope you receive the lighthouse of the Juncos Sea that obviously deserves. If you get it, know that we and Delay are proud of you. That is all you need to know how to get the lighthouse of the Juncos Sea in Genshin Impact. For more news and updates on Genshin Impact and update 3.5, see the links below.

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